Switzerland: “We are NOT birds, Michelle!” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When I was about 10 years old, I looked up at my mom and I told her that I was going to skydive in either Switzerland or Australia, whichever one came sooner. Laughing with my dad, my mom patted my shoulder and dismissed me, but she should have known better. When I say that I’m going to do something, I truly mean it and I rarely ever back out on my word.

Upon planning our trip to Switzerland, one which completely slapped and emptied my bank account (R.I.P.), I knew I would be splurging on skydiving. Although it was pricey, it was one of the most exhilarating experiences. I was never scared, the company I chose to dive with could not have been better, and I have no regrets at all.

Skydive Switzerland was so professional and completely calmed any nerves I had.

The day I was supposed to go skydiving, I ended up going by myself because one of my friends was deathly ill and another one decided it wasn’t worth the money. So, when I realized I would be going alone, I honestly got a little scared. It was a big thing to do alone, and if I did have a freak out, I had no friends to calm me down! On my walk to Interlaken West Train Station, one of the many destinations you can choose for your pick up that day, I felt my knees start to shake as I put in my headphones and started to listen to my Rap Music playlist, also appropriately my Work Out playlist, to get me ready.

As Kanye blasted in my ears, the Skydive Switzerland blue van came rolling in, and I popped in. It took 30 minutes to get to the main facility where we would get basic safety briefing, ground training, and eventually skydive. So, after that 30 minute drive, I had ample amount of time to make a few friends who were in the exact same boat as me…

They were also about to skydive by themselves, with no friends, and also did not tell their parents. ha.


Yep, I decided to leave my parents out of this decision. Mainly because I knew they’d freak out, and because I knew that they would freak out for no reason… Well, I hoped for no reason. After all, I was going to jump out of a plane and plummet to the Earth. ha. ?

Honestly, though, I wasn’t scared. I was elated. The tiny plane, the views, the instructors, the people – everything lined up. The only time I genuinely screamed or freaked out was when I saw the first girl jump, and let me tell you, it’s less of a jump and more of a… You-Just-Got-Sucked-Out-Of-The-Plane and then that said person completely disappeared into the abyss.

But, seriously. Since the plane is still moving forward, when you jump out it looked like you were just sucked out of the plane by a magical and invisible vacuum. One moment, you are in the plane – sitting, safe – the next moment, you are sucked out and SWOOSH – in the air, feeling your chubby cheeks get pulled from your face as you fly toward the mountains for 45 blissful seconds.

It was the biggest rush, and one of the coolest moments in my life. I was laughing the entire time, and I felt like I couldn’t breath or that I didn’t even have the capacity to scream because I was moving so fast. Then, suddenly, the parachute is pulled and you feel your stomach knock back into place. From here, you have a moment to catch your breath, take off your goofy goggles, and just appreciate where you are and your surroundings.

I was in Switzerland. I was in the middle of the mountains. I was safe.

When I finally told my parents about my escapades, they were pissed. In fact, my dad responded with “We are NOT birds, Michelle!! We are NOT meant to jump out of PLANES!” I knew they’d be mad, but after telling them, there was a part of me that felt like they weren’t truly that surprised.

If anyone was going to do it, it was going to be me, and if anyone was going to love it, it was also going to be me.

Check out this video on my Instagram of me doing one of the most rad things in this world! SKYDIVING: ✅

when I told my parents I skydived, my dad responded with "We are NOT birds, Michelle!!!" #sry #skydiveswitzerland

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