Sobremesa: (n.) the time spent around the table after lunch and dinner, talking with those you shared a meal with; time to digest and savor both food, friendship and life.

Hi! I’m Michelle Redondo, and Sobremesa to me is everything I am about — food, family and friends, and savoring life and all its quirks. The only thing this is missing, is my love for music. I’m constantly searching for new music and creating playlists for every occasion. After all, I always wanted a movie soundtrack for my life and through playlists, I can have one ? I also love LOVE to travel. I was fortunate enough to grow up with a father who really values travel, and because of him, I consider myself an explorer in ~training~ I hope to, one day see as many parts of the world as I can! ?

I’m currently studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain and I cannot to share all the travels, adventures and stores I have with my friends and family throughout Europe and around the table.