Welcome to the Game of Thrones, Welcome to Dubrovnik

Just a little after I just graduated high school, my siblings were talking about something twisted and dark. I asked them what they were talking about, mainly worried about their sanity. They looked at me in the eyes. They were serious and solemn, a stark contrast from the excited and hopeful looks I had been granted at recent graduation festivities from family and other parents who then proceeded to hurriedly tell me nostalgic stories of their “times” in college.

I remembered looking at my brother and sister super confused, yet curious as to what could be this serious…

“Michelle, how excited are you for the Season 4 Finale of Game of Thrones?”

I blankly stared at them and regretfully needed to tell them that I didn’t really watch Game of Thrones. I had been so busy with school and prom (wow throwback) that I wasn’t watching TV really.

Coming from a super nerdy and quirky family, they were shocked. For the next few days all I could hear about from them was how much I would love the show and how brutal and thrilling it was.

So, I decided to make it my summer activity and primary goal to watch all of the seasons of Game of Thrones (GOT) and be caught up in time for the finale. So, every morning, I would walk downstairs in my pajamas with my leftover red velvet cake from my graduation party and I would watch GOT.

In this week, I ate a whole cake and watched 4 seasons of GOT, which I genuinely think I should get a reward for.

Since then, I am and always will be a HUGE GOT fan. I literally flock toward people who love the show. There is nothing better than drinking a bottle of wine with a few friends on a Sunday night and watching Cersei Lannister fuck shit up or see Danaeryus light shit up or see John Snow’s beautiful face whilst he slices through some White Walkers, etc.

Casually lounging in the Red Keep and #Peaking on the Game of Thrones Tour

Because of this, when I planned my Croatian adventure, I knew Dubrovnik and I, otherwise known as King’s Landing, would get along quite well. Sadly, none of the friends I was traveling with liked GOT or even watched it. Even though I was slightly heartbroken, I was still determined to go on a GOT tour. I booked my tour through Viator travel tours.

So, by myself on Thursday morning, I woke up at 8 am, got ready for the day, got a coffee and sandwich at Soul Café in Old Town Dubrovnik, and met up with my tour guide/group at 10:15 am.

Veggie Sandwich kind of morning

Soul Café

Cappucino Kiss

Needless to say, the tour was dank. It was actually really cool because it wasn’t just about GOT, but it was also about the cast, fun facts about HBO and the show, and also the history of Dubrovnik. This tour was genuinely a really fun walking tour. I saw so much of the city and know so much more about the culture of it, too. I wish my friends went with me because we got access and insight information that we normally would not have gotten.

Inside the Red Keep

Walk of Shame Steps ?

Black Water Bay

We saw so many scenes and even talked about their transformations. It was a very cool thing to learn about, and we got a discounted price to climb the City Walls, which, since tourism has skyrocketed has gone up from 10 euro (80 Kuna) to 20 euro (150 Kuna) in the past 3 years.

All in all, this tour was great and worth every cent. It took you to places I would have never ventured to see, and it also gave you the historical background behind places we see on the screen. Behind the façade and the CGI editing, I now will be able to recognize buildings I see on the screen and know what they really are and mean to the people of Croatia, and, specifically, Dubrovnik.

P.S. SPOILER — Winter is definitely coming as the people of Dubrovnik were shocked and surprised to find Jamie and Cersei shooting a scene in King’s Landing where there was apparently snow falling … or should I say, #WinterisHere