Can We Split the Check?

After our day sailing with Toto Tours, we were dead. We were cold. We were hungry. We were salty, literally from the sea salt waves crashing into us on the boat and figuratively. We were dirty.

All we wanted was food, and some even wanted to order in, but after talking to our AirBNB host, Ana, she suggested a pizza place for dinner. Although not normally what I would expect in Croatia, I had noticed that every bakery had pizza in it, and she really raved about it.

So, we took Ana’s advice and after changing into comfies, we walked the .3 miles to the Pizza Place, Bakra.

I hadn’t had pizza since December when I was in Chicago before I left to study abroad. But to be honest, I didn’t really crave pizza or want it unless it was going to be an authentic, deep dish, Chicago-style pizza. I even recently talked to my mom about how when I get home, I want Portillo’s waiting for me and for my second dinner I want deep-dish pizza.

Although I was excited to eat this pizza, I had low expectations and I knew it wouldn’t be deep dish, but when we got there, the smell and aroma of a truly good pizza took my nose and my dignity. I sat down ravenous. After we ordered 6 draft beers of the traditional Croatian beer, Ožujsko, we got 3 large pizzas.

Within minutes upon arrival, the 3 pizzas were there and then they weren’t. I kid you not, these pizzas are on par with some in Chicago. We stumbled home afterward, happy and full.

If you are looking for a casual, local, and delicious spot after a long day at the beach or in the water, I highly suggest this spot. The pizza is legitimately delicious and made me feel just a touch closer to Chicago.

Although this meal was happy, the best one was yet to come. My friends and I are all professional Brunchers, and that night we played some card games and decided to wake up early, seize the day, and start it with a traditional brunch.

Traditional Brunch: Mimosas, Coffee, Respective Meals, and Cakes. Time Frame: ~2.5 hours

And traditional brunch we did at Brasserie on 7. Rated number one on TripAdvisor, we thought we’d go to this restaurant located by the port. With a beautiful view and an especially cordial staff, the 6 of us sat down to embark on our traditional brunch.

Their Brunch options were incredible, from Cinnamon French Toast, to an Egg White Omelette with Goat Cheese, Asparagus, & Cherry Tomatoes, to Traditional Eggs Benedict, to an Ačai Bowl, there was a meal option for everyone. The Mimosas were big and loaded, and their coffee selection was extensive, too, even including iced coffee! Also, the cakes were something out of this world… Naturally, we couldn’t decide on just one slice, so we got 3 to all share and nibble.

Carrot Cake

Ačai Bowl

Eggs Benedict


Laughing and probably being too loud as we usually are, we reflected on our weekend in Croatia and all the funny things that happened, when we were suddenly all given another round of mimosas.

Confused and looking at each other, Alli looked at the waiter and told him we didn’t order another round. On demand, our main waiter, Ivan, appeared and said it was on him and to enjoy them. We were shocked, and with a wink, Ivan left us to our mimosas and a table of girls thanking him generously.

I mean, who doesn’t love free mimosas…?

Although we didn’t have too much time in Split, (barely a full day!), we made the most of it and ate pretty well! After brunch, we meandered through the morning markets, which smelled of roses and lavender, and explored the beautiful city, which reminded me of a mix of Rome, Santorini, and weirdly Southern France.

With its cool, artistic vibes and its architectural contrast through its stark white stone buildings and green shutters, Split was truly a beautiful city that I wish I had more time in. The nightlife seemed like it was something I would have loved, and there were so many cafés I wished I could have sat in for an hour or two.

Morning Markets in Split 🙂


But until then, I’ll just be left thinking of this beautiful rocky country. Be seeing you Croatia 🙂