München Through Munich: The Germans Take Breakfast Seriously

As our big night with Carsten came to a close, he pointed us in the right direction for some great food. He gave us the classic recommendation of Hofbrahaus, but he also enlightened us that German’s take their breakfast VERY seriously. In fact, breakfast was their favorite thing.

I knew I was going to like this country.

Being extremely breakfast deprived in Spain and salivating at the thought of a truly great breakfast with eggs and, of course, mimosas, my eyes lit up. I needed breakfast every morning we were in Munich, and I’m so glad we did.

Carsten recommended a place called Woerner’s. Not only did he recommend it because it is very good and doesn’t break your bank, but also because it has very traditional Bavarian breakfasts. Bavaria, very similar to Catalonia, sees themselves as very different from the rest of Germany and takes pride in their heritage. Pretzels, Sausage, and Beer is in abundance in Bavaria and, apparently, there’s a traditional breakfast served at Woerner’s with just these three things.

White Sausage, Pretzel, and Pilsner… oh my?!

When our gracious host told us about this dish, Alli’s face lit up and I read her mind. “Beer for breakfast??? I’m IN.”

So, the next morning we packed up our bags and headed to Woerner’s to eat a true Bavarian breakfast before our Castle filled day (feel free to check out my thoughts on Neuschwanstein in a different post!).

The sausage, although not visually appealing, is stark white and served in a bowl of hot water. To eat it, you unwrap the casing, and eat it with a pretzel, mustard, and of course wash it down with your breakfast Pilsner. It was actually delicious, too.

If you don’t think the white sausage is up your alley (the white truly is a turn off), we also tried the French Toast. Known for their pastries, Woerner’s French Toast was also delicious and I wish we had more room in our stomachs to try a few of their sweets!

The best breakfast we had, though, was at Cortidiano. After hearing about the German Breakfast obsession, I googled the “Best Breakfast in Munich”. I was prepared to ball out and settle for little less than perfection. The first thing that popped up was Cortidiano.

Located in an adorable circular plaza, Isotarplatz, a short 5 minutes from our AirBNB and about a 15 minute walk from Marienplatz, we headed to eat the “Best Breakfast in Munich”, but were extremely surprised when we ate debatably one of the “Best Breakfasts in My Life.” It was so incredible that we actually went their twice.

Their cappuccinos were not served in cups, but bowls. Yes, giant bowls. You can imagine how, a coffee addict like me, probably felt as her eyes gazed over a giant bowl of caffeine just for me.  It was probably the size of my face and I still ordered another one.

In addition, the restaurant was a bakery, too. Because of this everything, the bread, the sweets, the jam, was homemade and fresh, and at the end of the table, they had two jars — one filled with fresh strawberry jam and another with homemade Nutella, with fresh hazelnuts in it and all. Their menu was filled with everything you could want. From a Croissant Breakfast Sandwich with heavenly scrambled eggs and goat cheese to fluffy and delicate waffles dusted in powdered sugar, I truly think Cortidiano left a mark on my heart.









Long story short, I would go to Munich again for this breakfast. The ambiance is also so incredibly fun and lighthearted. It’s loud and perfect for big groups, and on a sunny day, the outdoor scenery looks over the plaza. At the end of the table, they had two jars filled with fresh strawberry jam and another with handmade nutella, hazelnuts and all.

After Cortidiano, we stumbled upon the Viktualienmarket. It’s THE market to see and be at in Munich, and it is filled with beautiful markets, food stands, and the best beer garden in Munich. After our breakfast, we wandered the markets, treated ourselves to Krapfen, the most dank donuts- 10/10 recommend, and sat down in the beer garden.It was the warmest day in Munich that they had had all winter, and as we sat in the Beer Garden with our liter beers, or if you’re like me a glass of white wine, the garden was filled with life. Everyone was out, everyone was smiling, and most were slightly tipsy. It was an incredible thing to see.

As we played our drinking games (ha ha s/o Cheer’s to the Governor!) and laughed along with every German and their mother, the time flew by and so did our beers.

As we played our drinking games (ha ha s/o Cheer’s to the Governor!) and laughed along with every German and their mother, the time flew by and so did our beers.