Tapas (24) Tuesdays: Sangria and Sea Urchin an Ungodly Good Combo

In the States, my friends and I religiously celebrate Taco Tuesday. Even in the summer when I lived with my sister in the city, we would watch our recording of The Bachelor and would order Tacos and each have a bottle of wine — and usually a bag of chocolates.

Well, old habits die quite hard.

In Spain, my friends and I go hard on Tapas Tuesdays. It’s a way of life and by far my favorite day of the week. With sangria flowing and two bites (give or take!) of each dish, it’s a great way to catch up with friends and still fill up on the best food in the world.  I have a lot of great friends studying Barcelona with me, but sadly, unlike Christine, they are in a different program than I am. Not only do I get to eat my favorite food, but I get to see the greatest people in the mean time!


Choosing Tapas 24 for our most recent Tapas Tuesday was a game changer to say the least. It was delicious. The Sangria and Cava Sangria, sangria made with Cava which is basically Spanish champagne, was flowing and so was my Spanish.

It wasn’t long until I felt like a full on Spaniard ordering tapas like it was my job, but sadly, in hindsight, there’s very little chance I even remotely sounded like a Spaniard and probably more like a very excited little kid ordering her favorite ice cream at Disney World.

But this little kid wasn’t quite finished, with my teeth tinted slightly red from the sangria, my eyes gazed on their Specials — Sea Urchin.

Not only was it my life goal to eat sea urchin after I saw Anthony Bourdain completely inhale it on the Food Network, but I also heard it tasted out of this world. I needed to try it.

A lot of my friends are picky, and because of this, I was reluctant to order it, but as I looked at my friend Peter, he started laughing because he knew from my one look that I needed to try it it.

He smiled back and reassured me that he’d eat it with me. With disgust plastered on my friends’ faces, I ordered the sea urchin.

Let me tell you. It was delicious, and I know I’m right because everyone tried it. The extra two pitchers of Cava Sangria gave everyone the liquid courage they needed to try sea urchin. I wish I could go into detail about it, but sadly, I really have no idea how to describe it.

I do know, however, that the next time you are at Tapas 24 … get the sea urchin (mainly to say you tried it!!) … and La Bomba, Las Patatas Bravas, 4+ pitchers of Sangria, Ibérico Ham, and perhaps the whole menu — I know we did!


Salud to another successful Tapas Tuesdays??

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  1. Melissa Redondo January 31, 2017 / 4:39 pm

    Yes! Tapas 24 FTW! I need to try some Sea Urchin!

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